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We are delighted to be supporting Hackney Night Shelter.

For 25 years, Hackney Night Shelter has been helping vulnerable people off the streets and on their journeys out of homelessness. 25 years ago a group of Hackney residents and members of Hackney church congregations (some of who, had personal experience of homelessness), were thinking about how they could help the people they saw sleeping on the streets around Hackney. They decided that if each member of a group of churches took responsibility for running a shelter for one night of the week, some of those people could be helped and this was the start. What began as a network of volunteers from local churches has developed into an effective route out of homelessness for many it supports. They provide a safe place to sleep away from the harsh conditions and dangers of living on the streets, giving people the time and space they need to rebuild their lives. They offer specialist support to enable their guests to access healthcare, benefits, employment opportunities, legal or immigration advice and any other services that people may need. They also help guests into longer term accommodation so that they can move on from Hackney Night Shelter and towards a more secure future. Hackney Night Shelter’s mission is to enable a route out of homelessness for everyone who comes to them in need.  

Hackney Night Shelter relies on grants, donations and fundraising from their partners and supporters to deliver the service to their guests.

Visit for more information

In view of COVID’s effect on the local community, 10% of Pub Scrawls’ Hackney Pub Crawl sales profits will be donated to Hackney Night Shelter.

We at PubScrawls are proud to be supporting and working with Hackney Night Shelter through the sales of our Hackney Pub Crawl Prints. Last week illustrator of the Hackney Pub Crawl Prints Lilia, had the pleasure of going down to Hackney Night Shelter and meeting the team and presenting the lovely Samara with a cheque for £534.00 that she accepted on behalf of the charity. This is only the first of what we hope to be many donations as we endeavour to keep supporting the integral work that Hackney Night Shelter is carrying out!