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Lilia Mannarini is a professional illustrator, graphic designer and layout artist working for London based leading live entertainment creative agency Tour Design. 

Ironically, Lilia was first employed by Tour Design for her design skills whilst working in a pub and is now visually documenting some of the best pubs in the borough of Hackney. This East London hub was Lilia’s original stomping ground when she first arrived in London from her home city Milan some ten years ago with the idea to spend just 6 months. However, Lilia got caught up by London’s cultural, diverse and creative charm and has been living and working here ever since.

Back in 2016, Tour Design directors Bruce Fisher and Simon Collett spotted Lilia’s incredible handwritten typographical skills whilst she was drawing up chalk boards in local Islington pub The New Rose.  Lilia not only had a wicked pen, but an awesome and quirky personality to boot and soon joined Tour Design as a trainee graphic designer. Lilia is now employed as a senior designer and has worked on campaigns for countless live music tours, films with orchestras, festivals and outdoor events across the whole of UK.

Lilia has an incredible passion for music and the arts. She also has a great appreciation of architecture, fueled by growing up in her native Milan. On Hackney Pub Crawl, her brilliantly unique drawings bring each building to life. The idea for Hackney Pub Crawl blossomed from 2017’s highly successful composition titled ‘Chatsworth Road Illustrated’, a project celebrating local, independent, diverse and creative shopping establishments on Chatsworth Road in Hackney. 

Lilia started the illustrations for Hackney Pub Crawl back in 2019, pre-pandemic and the timing of release couldn’t come at a more poignant moment. 

We hope you enjoy our final compositions!

Lilia, Bruce and the Pub Scrawls Team.